2K video

46’ 12’’

Stone Performance is a video work of a stone moving slowly in an unpredictable and repetitive manner. Duration of a seemingly endless performance is determined by chance — the moving image stops when the stone’s movement leaves the frame and goes beyond it. Excess of motion eventually leads to its absence.

What is, what was and what will be. Inquiring into the prospective potentials of photography, the video work was created on and through the uncontrollable, speculating about the upcoming moment.

The autonomous dynamics the stone’s performance are stemming from two main interconnected ideas or points of research. First is the emergence of the crucial event in which certain progression breaks and takes a different path — in other words, the turning point in continuity. The other one is a butterfly effect, a term coined in chaos theory. It describes a phenomenon when a small change in one state can cause an event of much greater magnitude. In this case, the whole performance is stopped as a consequence of chance, out of out my control. To be more precise, the crucial and coincidental moment is when combination of vibration, force and the shape of the stone moved it outside the camera’s vision.

The moving image is a part of a larger ongoing project dealing with our understanding of uncertainty, loss and change.

Installation video and photographs are from Various Works group exhibition in Galleri Format. Malmö, November 2022. 

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