Beyond the Lens / group exhibition

Glad to be part of Beyond the Lens group exhibition in Mala galerija in  Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana (SI). In a good company of artists Andrej Lamut, Tilyen Mucik, Sara Rman, Blaž Rojs & Anja Seničar. Curated by Hana Čeferin.

“Bearing this experimentation in mind, the Beyond the Lens exhibition turns to younger Slovenian photographers who combine different mediums, re-examining materials and form, and exploring the potential of the medium of photography beyond the use of a camera. Developments in Slovenian contemporary photography over the recent years have been truly exciting. Younger artists adopt highly idiosyncratic approaches to photography, fully aware of the principles of the medium, unburdened by photographic “purism”, combining styles, materials, tools and image carriers. …

… Within the context of these developments, the aim of this exhibition is to present the production that has evolved through the younger generation’s attitude towards traditional approaches to the medium. The exhibition does not aim to present the young artists’ latest or most contemporary works, but seeks to shed light on the specific understanding of the medium that started to develop in our cultural space. The exhibited works, most of which have already featured in solo shows, are here presented collectively as a reflection on the possibilities of the medium itself, the photographic orientations of the younger generation, and the viewpoints on photography embraced by today’s young artists in producing it beyond the lens.”  - Hana Čeferin 

23 March - 02 May 2022 / Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana (SI

(photos by Kristina Bursać)

Article about the exhibition published on MMC RTVSLO (in Slovenian). Written by Maja Kač. LINK

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